Signe Adams

For many years, concurrent with my work and family lives, I’ve strived to further my personal development. This lead to the publication of my first book “Footprints – Walk With Me” which gives an account of my life’s journey to date. It has been a long, often difficult trip over some bumpy roads.

I work every day towards being the best possible ”edition” of myself and I yearn for the potential to motivate others to do the same. I have always felt as if I were different and excluded from “the main stream”. I’ve truly longed for something which was difficult to define and that ambiguity left me feeling quite lonely. At the same time, I’ve harbored an intense curiosity about life and contemplated the higher purpose contained within it. It has taken me many years of conscious effort and dedication towards personal development for me to now understand who I am and what my mission is here on Earth. I now understand that everything is energy; and, that energy is the motor which drives our world. At last, I’ve learned to differentiate many of the types of energies.

My goal is to give others hope - that things can and will improve when one, with determination, takes responsibility for her/his own life. I wish to live an authentic life and through that contribute to raising the energy on our wonderful planet. Furthermore, I wish to inspire my fellow man to similar personal progressions. I believe that we are one; we are heavenly creatures that originated from God. We are unique and have a purpose.