About the book

This book is a personal and open-hearted account of Signe Adams' spiritual and physical journey through life, and how a serious cancer illness became a turning point in her life. This is a story of hope which provides an insight into how it is possible to move forward after such a serious setback with new values and priorities and another way of looking at life; when you learn to listen, to be aware and to summon the courage to take responsibility for yourself, there is hope. Such hope is a gift for the body and soul - your life!

Signe's journey starts in Denmark in a city called Esbjerg, where she was born and grew up. Through her job as an executive secretary with the Danish Foreign Service she found herself, as a young woman, out in the big world with all of the various experiences associated with that way of living and working. A journey that physically ends when she, at a mature age, marries and gives birth to two children. However, simultaneously, the spiritual journey begins to really gather speed. Up to this point, Signe has mainly followed the adage that one should think about others before thinking about oneself. This proves to have near fatal consequences when Signe - despite the many warnings and signals her body has given her - chooses to continue to live in this fashion, putting herself and her own needs aside, until she is brought up short one day when the doctor says: “You have cancer. You know that can kill you!" That's when she wakes up - and listens!